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About Advantage TMS Inc.

Our Mission:

To be your Source for process control and sensor components and Resource for information, service and technology.

Company Profile:

Advantage TMS is a technical sales and marketing firm created to leverage a vast database of knowledge and professional contacts in a unique and synergistic way.

Based on a matrix association of sensor suppliers, engineering and contract manufacturers, and sales and marketing professionals, Advantage TMS is optimized to provide innovative one stop, cost effective solutions to challenging sensor applications and product development needs.

As a partnership manager, Advantage TMS solicits opportunities, accesses the needs and directs them to the appropriate resource.  Advantage TMS also manages the customer liaison functions for the Associates.

Sensor/Component Sourcing:

Advantage TMS is a Manufacturers Representative and Distributor for a broad base of sensor component technologies, including, ultrasonic piezo transducers and support electronics. Additionally, we are in a position to promote and represent sensor based finished products.

Engineering and contract manufacturing services:

Advantage TMS and associates specializes in developing sensor solutions for OEM applications, actualization of concepts, building prototypes, and contract manufacturing of products for low to high volume applications.  


Advantage TMS is able to offer a range of support services including, product or project critiques, application assistance or complete program development proposals. 

Technical Sales and Marketing Support:

Advantage TMS marketing services for the sensor industry and related products include, market research, competitive analysis, business development and marketing communications planning. 

Advantage TMS is positioned to be your source and resource of sensor information and technology.

Have questions or would like to discuss a proposal? Please feel free to contact us.

Contact Information

Phone/Fax: (617) 520-4473 USA

Postal address: Advantage TMS Inc. 359 Walden Street Cambridge MA 02138 USA

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